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He’s been called Dr. Bones and Reptile Ray. Usually dressed in tattered “field-trip” clothes, Ray Bandar has been a fixture at the California Academy of Sciences and the beaches around the Bay Area for years.

The movie investigates Bandar’s history as a skull collector, showing many of the thousands of skulls he has accumulated over the years, talking to Alkmene, his resilient wife, and touring the awe-inspiring Bone Palace.

By the end, Ray will have inspired you to go out and explore the natural world for yourself.

DVD extras include:

  • • Ray collecting a Harbor Porpoise skull
  • • Tour of the Bone Palace
  • • Photo gallery of historic images
  • • Tour of Ray’s house full of skulls
  • • Stories about the skulls in the exhibit
  • • Ray's first-person adventure stories

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